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Find Clock and Watch Parts by Type
180 barrell
195 barrel arbor
201 center wheel
205 center wheel & cannon pinion hollow
206 center secs center wheel
210 3rd Wheel
220 4th wheel no secs
224 4th wheel with seconds pivot
227 center/sweep seconds wheel and pinion
240 canon pinion
242 cannon pinion with drive wheel
242a cannon pinion with driving wheel for c/secs
245 cannon pinion for sweep hand
250 hour wheel
255 hour wheel
260 minute wheel
275 sweep seconds pinion
301 regulator
401 winding stem
402 negative stem
405 stem
407 clutch/castle wheel
410 winding pinion
415 ratchet wheel
420 crown wheel
425 click
430 click spring
434 clicking spring
435 yoke (clutch lever)
435/1 combination clutch lever
440 set/return spring
443 set lever
443/5 setting lever screw
443a set lever with screw
445 set bridge
450 set wheel
454 swing lever for ratchet winding wheel
702 escape wheel
710 lever pallet
714 Pallet arbor
721 balance complete
723 balance staff all types
730 Roller
770 mainspring
782 balance complete cylinder
797 pin pallet
automatic winding part
calender part
chronograph parts
Cylinder by name or size no collet
Cylinder With Collet, pivots unfinished
Divers and Waterproof Crowns
Fusee Chains
Jewels and Bushes
Jewels Bushes & Shock Springs
Mineral Glass Round
miscelaneous items watch
Miscelaneous Watch Glass
miscellaneus items Pocket Watch
named/sized cylinders
Smiths 512 parts
Smiths 602 parts
Smiths cal 200
Smiths De Luxe and Astral Parts
Smiths Imperial 0104 parts
Smiths LY 8 3/4 parts
Smiths LY parts
Smiths RY 13 parts
Smiths TY parts
suspensions. 400 day clock
Timex Watch Glass
UB acrylic Watch Glass Low & High dome.
Watch Glass for Vintage Watches

photo gallery 02. For sale whole or as parts at my discretion.
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WM5036 13''' FRONT
WM5036 13''' DIAL SIDE
WM5037 A Michell ? 13''' FRONT (I have 1 with good balance also)
WM5037 A Michell ? 13''' DIAL SIDE
WM5039 12''' FRONT
WM5039 12''' DIAL SIDE
WM5040 12''' FRONT
WM5040 12''' DIAL SIDE
WM5041 12''' FRONT
WM5041 12''' DIAL SIDE
WM5042 12''' FRONT
WM5042 12''' DIAL SIDE
WM5044 12 1/2''' Cylinder FRONT
WM5044 12 1/2''' Cylinder DIAL SIDE
WM5046 10'''/22.65mm OD FRONT
WM5046 10'''/22.65mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5047 10'''/22.8mm OD FRONT
WM5047 10'''/22.8mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5048 10 1/2'''/23.65mm OD FRONT
WM5048 10 1/2'''/23.65mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5049 9 3/4'''/21.9mm OD FRONT
WM5049 9 3/4'''/21.9mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5050 8'''/20.85mm OD FRONT
WM5050 8'''/20.85mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5051 8 3/4'''/19.75mm OD FRONT
WM5051 8 3/4'''/19.75mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5052 8 3/4'''/19.75mm OD FRONT
WM5052 8 3/4'''/19.75mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5053 8 3/4'''/19.65mm OD FRONT
WM5053 8 3/4'''/19.65mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5054 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD FRONT
WM5054 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5055 8 3/4'''/19.6mm OD FRONT
WM5055 8 3/4'''/19.6mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5056 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD FRONT
WM5056 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5057 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD FRONT
WM5057 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5058 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD FRONT
WM5058 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5059 9'''/20.6mm OD
WM5059 9'''/20.6mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5060 8 3/4'''/19.8mm OD FRONT
WM5060 8 3/4'''/19.8mm OD DIAL SIDE
WM5061 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD FRONT
WM5061 8 3/4'''/19.7mm OD DIAL SIDE

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